The Combes Family Inn

Watch Shows at the Bread and Puppet Museum

11 Jun 2021

The Bread and Puppet Museum at Glover, Vermont, is extraordinary. It displays life-sized puppets with a controversial political agenda. When it was founded in 1960, it distributed bread to audiences and went by this message; good art should accompany good food.

The Abandoned Village at Greenbank's Hollow

6 May 2021

In December 1885, a fire raged through a village at Greenbank's Hollow. The catastrophe ruined a wooden mill, stores, houses, and a covered bridge. For it to be rebuilt, it was abandoned. Soon, the site was successfully restored and transformed into a historical park.

Go Up to the Dog Chapel on Dog Mountain

30 Mar 2021

Have a dog you want to honor? Then visit the Dog Chapel on Dog Mountain. There, on the 150-acre mountain-top site, you can share your love for your dog with Vermonters. Feel free to tell them tales about your four-legged best friend, too.